Non-Fiction Works

Greenlight Global Research, Inc. – Greenlight Global Research breaks down the roadblocks that keep companies from reaching their destinations.

OTR Global – Director of Global Media and Business Development (2000 through 2011, previously at Grassroots, it’s first incarnation from 1995 through 1999)  – OTR Global (OTR®) was founded in early 1995 as Off The Record Research LLC, an independent research firm, filling the need for reliable, ethical, unbiased journalistic research – a major departure from traditional Wall Street analysis.

Acoustic Architecture, Engineering, The Environment – Managing editor and contributing writer for 350-page technical book by Charles Salter, Acoustical Engineer, published by William Stout Publishers (San Francisco, 1998). 

“FM Talk Radio” City Business, New Orleans, 1996 – Article about talk radio phenomenon and how FM had stripped AM of listeners.

“Aquariums, Museums, & Zoos” EHDD Architecture – writer for full-color brochure for EHDD, an award-winning architectural design firm in San Francisco.

“Drama in the Hills” Louisiana Life, May 1988 – Article about the passion plays performed in Calhoun, Louisiana.