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Sugah, can you get me some sugar.

Thursday, November 30th, 2006

I got in just in time for the sky to open up and let loose. We know how to do rain here in New Orleans.

But speaking of the surreal – L, man of mystery stopped by the LaLa when he saw Blue parked out front yesterday, but Joe was the one driving it as he was hauling a bunch of stuff to the dump for me.

When I walked over there later in the afternoon, Joe said – is that your man? I told Joe to mind his own business. Then I told him to give me my keys cause I was going to the grocery and needed my truck back. He said, “do me a favor and get me a five pound bag of sugar, will ya?” Right, Joe, I said.

Then he told me he couldn’t go home because his neighbor called and said the police is looking for him to testify about the killing the other day on Dumaine and Broad. He saw the whole thing. He said, “ain’t gonna do it. You think NOPD gonna protect, nah, uh uh. I gots to hide out.”

Today, Joe called to see if I had gotten him the sugar. Said he needs that sugar bad. I told him no, I hadn’t even had a chance to get to the grocery for myself, much less his sugar, what with work, the house, everything.

He said, promise me when you go, you’ll get me some sugar.

Seems like a person can’t get enough sugar in this town.

Sugar, Seatbelts, and the South

Thursday, November 30th, 2006

The two guys who helped me move this morning – Barry and Tom – both got their breakfast at the Budget truck rental counter – ice cream sandwich and orange pop. I said I have an energy bar in my truck that might make you feel better. Oh no, they said, this is good.

Later in the truck, sitting on a milk crate between Barry and Tom – Barry was driving and said he had better put on his seat belt because he got fined $50 the other day because he and his daughter weren’t wearing one.

Flashback to two days ago, I had seen a toddler standing between the bucket seats as a woman came to a stop at a stop sign and I wanted to yell, SEATBELT!, but then remembered back to when I was a kid and we had that big Chrysler convertible and I used to stand on the bench seat – my sister and I would sing the slogan to this pest control place – Keep Your Eye On The Big Black Butterfly.

Clara comes home

Thursday, November 30th, 2006

A friend and former colleague and writer just picked up her little girl in China and started writing a blog about her –

Misty Bayou

Thursday, November 30th, 2006

It is supposed to be pouring down rain this evening and a cold front coming in but last night it started drizzling and now there is this curtain of humidity that hangs over everything even creating a mist on the bayou. Today the movers come to move the cabinets from the Can to the LaLa – space opens here, progress happens there. Half the deck is in place on the terrace. The front yard is temporarily cleared of debris. But pending rain means no painting outside.

For Arlene:

Arlene, the black Bean
Disconcerting white muzzle
Reminds me of time

Eggnog over not so easy

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

So to support all things New Orleans and because we love eggnog, G and I went to the eggnog extravaganza and it was lame – the eggnog was served in little bitty tasting plastic cups and there was tons of eggnog desserts that people not trying to diet were chowing down on so we went to the Carousel bar and had martinis instead – but I’ve been having vertigo all day and sitting at the bar that went round and round at first was a little daunting – so after my cosmo and G’s martini we drove over to 13 which I had read about in the Gambit – to read about it would make you want to go – to go would make you want to leave – so we went to Brasserie Marigny instead – a place that ambiates no matter what the hour – and Rachel and her neighbor were there – case in point, long beautiful curly black hair, not red, on Rachel – and talked to her about how living in the Marigny is right now and she said it seems there has been a lull in the violence recently and that she too had heard come January there would be a big change but as she said and I agree – between now and then, what?

This Tales of the City thing is the second one I’ve been to and I have to say this about that – great idea and poor execution – what does it take for New Orleans not to rise to the one thing that it could do best – cocktails? – but like I said this particularly venue has grown tired and I don’t think I will patronize it again. 13 is best for 3AM eggs. And Brasserie Marigny is always a delight – Erin the bartender is wonderful and there are people you know all around.

Haikus are easier than song lyrics

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

You are a mystery
Sweetly spoiling me rotten
When I’m not ready

LaLa fantasies

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

The decking is going down on the terrace – K went by Twickler’s and made metal strips that were raised slightly so there will be nothing but drainage – fingers crossed. If this terrace leaks – god help us all.

Peter is doing all the white trim in the living area having finished the master bedroom.

Giovanni is up on a ladder puttying the screen porch and painting the ceiling dry sage.

Michael is in the office painting the other wall dry sage.

Paden is doing touch ups.

Joe did two dump runs and got all the trash up before the rains come tomorrow night.

A day on the phone and instead of lunch – I went by the LaLa and Dave came and we went to look at the Pitot House and discussed the thresholds to the bathrooms, the front yard, and the wooden grill he is having specially made.

How do you say in English? Progress.

Now my fantasies turn to bath time – bubble bath time – when the weather turns nice and cold.


Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

L, man of mystery, slipped yet another package of goodies through the mail slot at the LaLa, making his mail, the first to go inside – he compiled a CD – my favorite song, the lyrics that made me laugh out loud on the way to Pilates, was care of the Violent Femmes:

I hope
you got
cause if you got
really fat
you just might want to see me come back
I don’t care
how heavy or how skinny
just gimme
something to love
a little extra weight would never look no nicer on nobody else but you
and I could always use a little bit more
to hold on to
and if I get a fright in the middle
of the night I’ll cling to you

Do you want to get involved?

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

Tonight’s Parkview meeting was chock a block full of information – here are the highlights:

There is a Crime Summit that is paying attention to what is going on in New Orleans and up until now we’ve heard little from them, but come January, we should start hearing a lot.

All of the gas lines under New Orleans need to be replaced. There is and will be spontaneous situations where water appears in the gas line and shuts down gas to those residences until this problem is fixed. It doesn’t matter if the area flooded or not.

The garbage contract is still under harsh negotiation and a decision is supposed to happen by Dec 30th.

Everyone wants the National Guard to stay.

There is a big meeting on Saturday in Building E at the Convention Center and basically this is the decision that is most important – there is a lot of money but how it gets spent is not decided – here are three big questions: 1) spend in the most vibrant and occupied parts of the city?, 2) spend throughout the entire city?, 3) spend in the blighted hoods only? Tough questions.

What I’ve been calling the Friendship bridge or pedestrian bridge is in fact called the Magnolia Bridge. A better name for sure, but who knew?

There have been calls about the furniture on the bayou – some in favor, some against. There is some question on what determines if it is furniture – T whispered, what next?, mattresses on the bayou?

The association is thinking of adopting Olga Street – one of the oldest streets in MidCity but was the most damaged in the storm and now has no subsurface drainage. Now that’s a problem.

The guy who won the contract for a grocery in midcity closed the grocery and has no intention of reopening. Our neighborhood grocery is held hostage until he decides to sell the property. Why did he win the bid in the first place, if he had no intention of delivering what the customers wanted?

Haiku bonanza! Can’t stop myself

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

Lance, the man of mystery
Is a study of contrasts
Light vies with darkness

Les endures the game
Leaves fall heavy on his crown
Tomorrow rain comes

Arlene is the Bean
Eye blue like David Bowie
Heart large like a queen

Ham breathes dragon flies
Toads might well do in a pinch
Latin rolls from his tongue

T is a princess
Her eyes glitter with delight
Festivals R Her

Laurie loves her twist
Every which way, though lately
Demands clutch at her

Tommy asks to add
To a finite Swirl guest list
He safeguards his fun

Lisa writes that red
Goes well with her complection
She is welcome here

BJ picked the gray
On wall to entertain me
Architects know this