Queen of Cups
In New Orleans, where everyone wears a costume at least twice a year, Tara Ross costumes everyday. She says she does it to lend credibility to her tarot readings and provide a shield from the tourists who have overrun the city, but it is her own family she is actively trying to hide from. When her infamous brother is shot execution-style, and NOPD turns up no clues, Tara is asked to help divine her brother’s murderer.

Family Day
A novel about the ambiguity of choice – a young woman’s unwanted pregnancy causes the people around her to question their decisions.

Unchain My Heart
A light-hearted, first-person narrative about Sophie Mae Rosenthal, who is convinced she was adopted and whose antic truth-seeking journey is rife with narcissism and family aversion. When she stumbles upon a California cult called A.D.O.P.T., she must decide between living with uncertainty and knowing the truth.

Woman in the Moon
Pulsing with mystery and magic, this moving saga of a woman’s escape from abuse to a western landscape of wonder maps the interior of Luna’s unforgettable anger and its sudden release in the opening paragraphs. Her descent into madness is tangled with her journey into the wild of nature.


The Good Fortune Harvest
Constance comes home to the small Southern town she left never to return, to a family still under the spell of a long-dead autocratic father and a town ravaged by the neglected wastes of industry and agriculture. She returns with a seed the west has offered her, which she is compelled to sow in her native soil.

Managua, 1966
In her letters home, Mae Garner, gloats about her new exotic life – she has married a foreign doctor, moved to Managua and is living in the same hotel as the American baseball superstar, Johnny Matassa. However, in the throes of her tropical honeymoon, while Mae suppresses the truth around her, a storm passes through that forces her to look at where the lines between right and wrong and heroes and losers have blurred.

American Gospel
Helen reveals in the first line that she no longer believes in God. As she catalogs the oral histories of Louisiana natives, she awakens to a deeper connection to place and a bolder curiosity of humankind, and a new faith is born.

Short Stories

There’s Something Happening Here
The long awaited arrival of a daughter put up for adoption reveals a starker truth.

Riding Fences
After her baby is still born, a woman seeks escape with a stranger.

A Ring of Truth
A series of coincidences at a restaurant lets Tina find closure with an unrequited love.

Situational Comedies

New Orleans Air
A sitcom pilot about a charter airlines in New Orleans and the hardened woman from New York hired to run it. The opening day gala breaks the ice and hosts some of the Crescent City’s choicest VIPs-a drunken mayor, drug-dealing janitors, scantly dressed flight attendants, and more.