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Rachel Dangermond


In 2004, I created this blog as an outlet for my writing. Then months later, the 2005 Federal Flood turned my life upside down. As an investigative journalist, I was soon blogging about the national and global tragedy that happened through the lens of my own life. From 2005 to 2015, I went from denial to determination, from a total dismantling to reinvention, from PTSD to resilience. I was one of a few New Orleans bloggers who captured in real-time the national tragedy that happened here on an hourly and daily basis for over a decade.

Author/Speaker/Facilitator/Mediator: Rachel Dangermond is an award-winning journalist. She serves as a speaker with the Department of Justice on its community policing initiative. She leads trainings in anti-oppression and has facilitated numerous dialogues including Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s New Orleans Welcome Table, a race and equity dialogue that began in 2013. She is a certified community Mediator. Dangermond writes about racial justice through the lens of parenting. After adopting her son in 2009, Dangermond created Transracial Parenting, a provocative blog and custom designed workshop on race with tools to raise culturally competent children. Her blog,, covered the 2005 Federal Flood and its aftermath. Her work is published in the anthology New Orleans by New Orleans, Louisiana Life, City Business,, and She co-wrote Acoustics: Architecture, Engineering, the Environment (1998 William Stout Publisher).