The value of being

Today is somewhere between last year and next year — 2009 looms like a mega to do list and 2008’s list still needs so much checked off. How will all of what should be done by the stroke of midnight happen? [and by who?]

I went to take Loca for a walk since she didn’t get one this morning as I was up late with the Bean having a meltdown. So we were walking out the door and ran into a friend. I followed my friend inside and sat on her sofa and said I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO and my friend said, SO DO I! Then she pulled out a card game where on each card is a question – seemingly a simple one – but our brains could not begin to answer any of them 100% – who are the nine muses, what are the ten commandments, name the seven seas, what are the seven continents (north AND south America – duh!), before I knew it, Loca hadn’t gone anywhere, I hadn’t gone anywhere, the things on my to do list hadn’t gone anywhere – but time, that old chestnut, had wooshed by.

I walked back outside on this beautiful gorgeous December day and Loca took off like a dog on crack across the street to the bayou to see other dogs that were there. I ran after her and as I was leashing her, I looked up and saw a woman I haven’t seen since Katrina. Three plus years have gone by. In her arms was a baby girl. Her dog was unrecognizable as she had been a puppy when I last saw her. There we were. She asked if I still take Arlene to the park to play ball.

Three years woosh.
Three days woosh.
Three hours woosh.
Three minutes woosh.

Life is short, but it’s wide – think of all life has accommodated lately – so much going on, and yet woosh, all happening so fast. Do I sound old? That sort of sounds like something old people say. But maybe they have a reason – maybe it is true that it goes by like this – SNAP – in the blink of an eye – and maybe, just maybe, to do lists, shmoo lists – fuck it, why not just be.

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  1. Alice Says:

    Oh, okay, it’s the dog as I first suspected. Cute.

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