Taking stock for just one teeny moment

The bayou is already alive with bonfires – mini ones built by neighbors along the water. On Orleans, at midnight, the big huge bonfire of everyone’s old Christmas trees starts and this year promises to be more “in control” than years past of trees plus everything Katrina left to burn.

Midmorning, Loca and I had a late start to our walk BUT we ran into everyone else we see in the early morning – I asked one what is up? Why is everyone late today and the mayor of the hood said “vacation” – so there it is. As we were coming out of the park a car was tailing the lagoon very slowly and a woman with a camera popped out and ran to take a photo of the pelicans in the tree – similar to this one below. She said, “I’ve never seen pelicans in the park!” – I said they come in November and by January make their way down the bayou. She was thrilled – and I knew exactly how she felt.

The fireworks are going full blast already and are driving Loca crazy (or is that redundant?) and Arlene who used to go crazy luckily can’t hear a thing – the joys of aging.

Mom told me her TV broke and so we bought her a new one. I brought it over to install this afternoon. Only she can’t remember why she said her old one doesn’t work because it does. Then she cried. She cried because she can’t remember anything. She cried because she can’t figure it all out.

This Monday is the ultrasound for our baby and we can maybe determine the sex. Wow!

We’re preparing for a full 2009 – full of love, hope, friendship, health, joy, a BABY, and god knows what else but right now we are celebrating the end of this wonderful, fabulous, joyful year and as each firecrack cracks and each sparkler sparkles, I fall to my knees and give thanks for the abundance that is my life.

I certainly don’t know what I did to deserve even one of the pleasures I’ve known – but I’m grateful.

4 Responses to “Taking stock for just one teeny moment”

  1. Alice Says:

    My mother’s name was Loca. Who is Loca?

  2. Rachel Says:

    Loca is the name of my dog. I named her that because I was crazy or loca to have taken her in when I had a geriatric dog already.

    Why was your mom named Loca?

  3. Alice Says:

    You know, I have no idea why she was named Loca. Her middle name was Belle. What was my grandma thinking? Unfortunately they’re all gone now and I can’t ask. Too bad when they’re around you think you have all the answers even when you don’t even know the right questions! Enjoy your blog very much!

  4. Rachel Says:

    Thanks and btw I love that name Loca Belle – it’s got a certain flair to it.

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