Open letter to Quint Davis

Dear Mr. Davis:

You are amazing – putting on the best show on earth every year in my backyard for my birthday – for that I salute you.

However, I must say the sound this year was too loud. I couldn’t even be in the Lagniappe Stage area with Kristin Diable because the decibels were overpowering. The Gentilly Stage was booming so loud it was hard to get a breath. The Fais Do Do was vibrating across the meadow. Is there a reason the volume was amped up this year? Aging Baby Boomers?

And one other minor gripe – if the going forward plan is to attract these huge celebrities to Acura – perhaps the audience areas needs to be expanded. Over two hours for one star, why not two stages? The outer track was impossible to negotiate – I can’t believe that that doesn’t present some sort of fire code law issue. And it makes it really unfriendly for pedestrians.

That said – thanks for all that you do.

Rachel Dangermond

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