In the mind’s eye

Last night Evan called to ask if he could take Tin to see Herbie Hancock who is the International Jazz Ambassador and would be in Congo Square at sunrise to commemorate International Jazz Day. Uh yes. Of course. So both of us took Tin down to Louis Armstrong Park and handed him across the fence where the musicians were all congregating waiting for the great Herbie Hancock to appear on stage. But first there were a few speeches about how Jazz started in Congo Square and it was a gift that New Orleans gave the world and that most of all it is the gift that we here in New Orleans continue to celebrate as our birthright.

To honor the occasion, Tin on Evan’s shoulders wearing Evan’s sunglasses, we watched from outside the gate as Herbie and friends Terrence Blanchard, Dr. Michael White, Roland Guerin, all tore it up on Dizzy Gillespie’s Night in Tunisia. Afterwards, I could kick myself no more for not having my iPhone or camera in hand as Evan and Herbie were chatting away with Tin sitting on top of his shoulders.

Sunrise in New Orleans – another day to be counted among the lucky ones.

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