The Motherland

I am part of a group of girls who meet to watch episodes of An African City – a sort of Sex and the City set in Ghana. Our next event is coming soon and I’m already trying to figure out what to wear since everyone else came with such glorious outfits last time.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Africa, about visiting with Tin, about Senegal where his ancestors might have come from since every Senegalese we meet says so.

For our evening, we make African dishes and wear African dress complete with head wraps and jewelry. I’m wondering if Nicole Amarteifio, the Creator of ‘An African City’ will in any way touch on politics, like the kidnapping of the Nigerian girls and the global public outcry?



3 Responses to “The Motherland”

  1. Mudd Says:

    So so SO beautiful!!!

    You have the coolest friends and do the coolest things, Rachel — can’t wait to see what you’ll choose to wear.

    And the trip to Africa with Tin = sacred!


  2. Rachel Says:

    Mudd – thanks and you’re right, I do have the coolest friends and you are one of them!

  3. Mudd Says:


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