Help, I’m being held captive

My captor is a 3-year-old who again won’t nap, but who needs to desperately. He was falling asleep in his tracks until he got to his room and then suddenly his evil twin Skippy came out to play. Jazz Fest sounds waft through the air and here we are, in a battle royale called nap wars.

The last threat is we won’t go to Jazz Fest unless you stay in your bed – so guess who is punished – MOI!

If he wasn’t so damn cute, why I oughta…..

This is him after a nap yesterday that I fought tooth and nail to get him to take – he’s happy – see:

This is him this morning practicing his routine with Louis Armstrong:

This is this afternoon having watermelon with his friends:

I’m an utter failure at getting him to nap – what to do? Pull out my hair – aw shucks, no can do, none left to pull. He’s literally doing my Zumba routine from this morning’s class standing on his bed.

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  1. Mudd Says:

    All pics are adorable, of course…

    But that first one of him peaking from
    behind the shower curtain = priceless!!!

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