Day One

The weird thing is that as I was walking to Jazz Fest this morning with friends they said it was odd to see me without Tin and so began the first day of Jazz Fest – who let the moms out – woof woof woof. There wasn’t any particular band or performer I was interested in seeing but we did go see an interview with Jason Berry and Senn Kuti – my favorite take away was how he spoke of his father Fela with reverence and said Fela’s philosophy was to only have what he needed, which meant that there house was a huge hostel to anyone who happened to come into their life and that everyone received an allowance no matter if blood or not.

He also said that he learned a long time ago that never to take your success as something that makes you better than others because you never know where they are in their story. I like this thinking especially. Because we are all working through out own narratives and perhaps if the Hindu are right, those are stories that get new versions with new incarnations, and so not knowing where someone is in their story has a sort of equalizing factor to it.

At the end of the long day, we passed a good time.

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