Let the music play

Last night, I went with a friend to see so much music that my head is still spinning like a record this morning. We started at Hi Ho to see the Stooges Brass Band and then walked across the street to the ALLWAYS Lounge to see the Panorama Jazz Band and then back across to see the Stooges again and then back across to see Slavic Soul Party.

The Stooges Brass Band is insane, it’s all brass, all energy and just non stop dance party. Panorama on the other side of the street was appealing to a different crowd, a dancing one nonetheless, with Ben Schenck on the clarinet there was more lightness in the air than the heavy horns at Hi Ho and lots of smiles to go around. Slavic Soul Party took it all back to the horns and that’s where it stayed till wee hours of the morning.

After that it was burgers at Buffa which caused a tinge of regret at 3:30 am when my head hit the pillow. But it’s time to Fest, so up I get to rally for the first day of Jazz Fest.

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