The vanity of moms

I was speaking to someone about my mom and how she used to beg me to wear lipstick. She told me when I moved out to California that it was a good place for me to live as the women there don’t wear makeup. The woman I was speaking to said her mother dressed with a lot of flash unlike her. I said I remember going to pick up my mom at the San Francisco airport and she got off the plane with a rhinestone jean jacket with fringe and white cowboy boots – HELLO.

These styling dogs as Tatjana was want to call my mom are vain about their kids too. And so it was that yesterday, Tin fell on the bricks out front and busted his mouth up so bad that blood was gushing everywhere. Tatjana handed him off to me as the sight of it almost made her faint. And then we set about cleaning up and seeing what was what. The lip was definitely cut (does it need a stitch I wondered as I thought about his beautiful lips and worried about a scar), a few of his teeth were shoved into his upper gum (will they come down on their own, will he sit in a dentist chair, will this mess up his permanent teeth), and this morning both lips were swollen like a tick on a pregnant dog (did he injure a nerve).

Those perfect little faces that are unscarred, unharmed. You just wish you could put bubble wrap around them to keep them like that.

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