Another’s person’s perspective

I have graduated from Ellen twice but keep seeing her – I like her for goodness sakes. So yesterday, we were talking about the state of the union and she seemed to be encouraging, ney pushing me to open myself up further. Here I am thinking I’m all open and all, but she’s sees guardedness and holding back. It’s good to get her bird’s eye view on my patterns of behavior.

Last night I cobbled myself together and went to Swirl still not knowing if I could make it through the night and get to the Parish to see The Gourds. They changed the concert time from 9PM to 10:30PM – sorry guys, but it was a school night, what are you thinking? Evan is in town and it was so good to see him. I was asking him some questions, his male perspective and he was pretty insightful in a different way. He said, and G and I both applauded this statement, you don’t know what another person’s experiences have been so you can’t judge their behavior on what you would do in this situation because you have different life experiences. Sounds simple, I know, but you know what I do kinda, sorta, naturally expect people to react the same way I do, and forget that I am, my life experience is, my relationship world view of men and women is, very different from the average bear. So how can I myopically telescope my behavior onto others – how unfair is that?

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