And this too shall pass

Rusty darts across the room back to his place under the chair when I open the door. He hisses at Arlene if she gets too close. He eats like a lion and uses the litter box like one also. He definitely has a male presence in this house.

Arlene follows me around like I’m about to leave her forever – she wants to be close, this close, till I can feel her wet nose grazing my calves.

Giovanni went on a three-day drunk, he said he overdid it, I told him he needs to take more frequent breaks.

Javier and Arturo smile and talk about how they are almost finished, meanwhile so much remains. Once again the carpenter communication breakdown – is this endemic to this profession?

Steve gives me the name of a carpet installer – the guy’s name is Grumpy – but Dave says he is a not.

David at Pieri says he can fix the misplaced faucet holes and with luck they will be hidden under the escutcheons or bells as he likes to call them.

Laurie, who started her own major renovation today, asks if she is the only person in the world who has never heard of escutcheons. She also ate an entire shrimp poboy with a bag of Cheetos and ate a pint of ice cream – this is what pregnant women do, I reckon.

Graham is picking up Evan as he flies in from Paris to be here for a few days. Evan has become a cycle.

I finally went to the grocery but opted for Sav-A-Center instead of Whole Foods and guess what – it deserves it’s name because I spent $76 on a lot of food as opposed to Whole Wallet where it costs $76 just to pick up bagels.

Mom went back to work today after being out for a week – she was worried about her job – when she got there the new RN had quit and other nurses hadn’t shown up – I keep trying to tell her that no one wants her job so she has no worries.

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