Joy Oswald is not allowed in Mid-City

With 116 days to go till Mardi Gras starts in ’07, I was thrilled to learn that Endymion is coming back to Mid-City. Due to Katrina, last year, the last of the neighborhood parades was transferred uptown to join the long list of parades that roll along the St. Charles Avenue route.

Due to a post-K squeeze on the city’s resources, Iris and Tucks are being asked to precede Endymion along the Mid-City route instead of their normal uptown route.

Joy Oswald, Krewe Captain of Iris, says – all of her members don’t want to bring their kids to “that area” – “that area hasn’t come back at all.”

You know what I say to Joy Oswald – stay in the Isle of Denial where you belong you ignorant oaf.

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