Arlene “The Bean” Star Dangermond

RIP (run in peace)
Born, April 24, 1995
Died, April 22, 2009

A lucky dog and a good companion passed this morning and now resides in a certain dimension of our minds where memories of joy and sorrow exist in equal measure. If the benchmark for how much you are loved is calculated by the number of nicknames one has in life – Leenie, Torreadora, Little Black Bean, Seal, Lil Shaver, Skater, Lucky Dog, Cardi Girl, Sweater Girl, Arli, Arlushka, Arlosh, Beanushka, Beanoslav, Mushkoslav – then she was well loved by all.

How could you not love The Bean?

3 Responses to “Arlene “The Bean” Star Dangermond”

  1. Ivette Says:

    oh rachel…un abrazo bien fuerte.

  2. Nicole Borland Says:

    I didn’t know Arlene, or you for that matter: but my heart just aches for you. My friend Nicole D directed me to your blog. I’ll give our dog Newton (noot patoot, crowder bean, jelly bean, farticus, pickle-head) a snuggle in Arlene’s honor.

  3. Rachel Says:

    I love those nicknames – they gave me a well needed chuckle this morning. Yes, hug your dog because the time goes swiftly.

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