The Pulse of New Orleans

Here we are on Friday, the third year anniversary of the Katrina, and things are iffy. We have Gustav as a giant unknown causing a lot of agitation – some people are packing and going, some are packing and staying, some are packing and riding it out unless it’s a “mother fucker”, some are staying and not packing, some are just walking around in circles. My neighbors on either side have already put up on the windows and gathered their belongings to go in the center of a room “just in case” – Jindal has said he is not ordering an evacuation but he is recommending anyone who needs assistance report to buses that are locked and loaded and ready to roll to a train station to take everyone to Memphis.

Southern Decadence has not cancelled the weekend – the parade is still scheduled for Sunday. Friends did not cancel our dinner tomorrow night but the menu has shifted to cooking what’s in the freezer “just in case.” Tonight the celebrations or memorials for Katrina are either going to be subdued or crazy as hell.

Us – I went to Pilates and it was cancelled – the quarter in its second day of Decadence is quiet and unusually subdued – we have Plan A and Plan B – and right now we’re hoping there is no need for Plan B – but even if there isn’t – Gustav has already rankled nerves, spoiled the party for some, and reopened a deep, deep wound that we are trying to heal here.

That’s the news from New New Orleans.

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