I’ll Do My Crying In The Rain

The universe is apt to send me messages when I need them most, and it’s to these message that I listen.

About my son – yesterday while practicing with the Amazons for our inaugural parade, a woman approached me the NOMA cafe and said, “I know you. I have read your writing. And we were at an event together when my son fell through the bleachers and your son was the first one there to help him.”

About my blog – Katie approached me in Trader Joe’s today to tell me that she knows me. “I used to read your blog. I had moved to Mississippi but I used to live on Moss and I think I wrote you once, and you said you could hear the Cabrini bells ringing. I sent you that anonymous painting.” See painting below whose title is the tile of this post.

About my look – A stock person in Trader Joe’s brought me a dozen roses and said, “I know you are going through a lot right now.” Why yes I am, I thought, but said, “I actually have an auto-immune condition, which is why I don’t have hair.” She said, “Still you deserve these.”

About my faith – I dropped Tin off at Sunday school and went to a shul meeting about becoming a sanctuary for illegal immigrants. The church two blocks down from me, First Grace, is the only place of worship that has become a sanctuary in a city that is a declared sanctuary. First Grace is housing José (#JoséIsMyNeighbor signs are everywhere in my neighborhood). At every turn I’m confronted with those people and places who actively counter the Trump administration narrative.

4 Responses to “I’ll Do My Crying In The Rain”

  1. Alice Says:

    A woman from Guantanamo just this week moved into one of our local churches with two young daughters. She had tickets in hand and was ready to board a flight back when she suddenly realized she had no place to go and no one to help her and indeed, having been a victim of abuse there already, the girls and she would be in mortal danger if she went through with it. Thank goodness there are still people whose hearts work the way they should! Bless you!

  2. Katie Says:

    I was torn between staying anonymous or telling you hello. Your hug was so worth the reveal!

    Thanks for telling me you were posting again! You are beloved.

  3. Rachel Says:

    Alice – it’s hard to fathom that there is so much right now that is going away from love and away from opening our hearts, but there is. Like I tell Tin resistance IS our history. I feel for this mother, her daughters, and thankfully there are some churches and synagogues and mosques that are following the central tenet of the Torah – “do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.” Love to you Alice and to the hubby. Rachel

  4. Rachel Says:

    Katie – I’m so glad you solved that mystery. And I appreciate what you said about reading my blog. For years, I wrote my heart out and it was when someone responded either randomly in person (like you did) or to a post or through email that I felt someone out there was listening. Thanks for then and now. Much love, Rachel

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