I started this blog in 2004 and then I started writing another blog about raising my son. Then I spent three years writing a book called The Elephant in the Playground. Then fellow published writers suggested I write instead a different book, a book that was more my story, so I began writing essays towards a memoir. And in the meantime, I wrote another book, Meditations on Race and Parenting.

This year one of my essays, completely off the topics I have been writing about over the past few years, was chosen to be included in an anthology called Letters to My Ex.

As I dragged my feet through the well worn path around Bayou St. John yesterday listening to Ram Dass, courtesy of my friend, Susie, who always throws Dass at my problems. Dass spoke about non-attachment. Ahhh, the thing that we seekers of a higher plane of living so desire but so rarely achieve. Dass says just work hard, work at what you do, but do not be attached to the outcome.


That’s nirvana.

This is what I am writing for.

That is what I’m living for.

4 Responses to “Non-Attachment”

  1. Mudd Says:

    Hey there, Wonder Woman…

    WOW, you sure have been busy — I bow down!

    Looking forward to “The Elephant in the Playground” AND to January 1st for “Letters to My Ex.” So true about non-attachment, no expectations, just DO. In the moment. I’m relaxing in that energy, at the moment, after being so strict and hard on myself… which paralyzed my creativity instead of boosting it. Duh.

    Thanks for the reminder and for the proof that non-attachment really works. 🙂


  2. Rachel Says:

    Mudd – I was thinking as I read your comment that it does sound like a lot when for me sometimes it sounds like so little. The Elephant in the Playground turned out to be not the book I needed to write – instead all of it was distilled into the Meditations on Race and Parenting. A publisher was interested in the book and had it for a few months and just last week told me that they decided not to. Similarly an essay that was the hallmark of what began The Elephant in the Playground – “I Did Not Know How To Be The Mother of a Black Son” was supposed to be published and was with a publisher for six months and that just got declined. It has not been a “validating” year for my writing and I really miss blogging now that FB and Twitter have stolen me away. So I had to come back to why I write – because I am – right? So I am once again faced with being nonattached to the outcome of the writing and to focus instead on writing for the sake of writing. I always appreciate your support and love that we are kindred creative spirits who met in the ether of the internet – it must be good for something right?

  3. Mudd Says:

    “because I am” – – -> right!

    And because you are blessed with this gift.
    This power.

    You, O Beautiful Sister Soul, are such an inspiration to me.
    More than you will EVER know.


  4. Rachel Says:

    Mudd – that makes me welp up. We have been on a journey together huh? My goodness. The situation I recently stepped into that I told you about is still raging but I’m practicing my nonattachment and finding an inner peace even in the midst of crazy. I’ll catch you up on it when I get to the other side. Suffice to say, it has tried me on many levels and made me surprisingly stronger than I thought I was capable. Who knew?

    You are always such a supportive presence in my life, my writing – and though I would probably be able to pick you out of a crowd, it’s really amazing how disembodied we still are to each other and yet connect with such vibrant love.

    Thanks honey – R

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