How to tell a story

According to W.B. Yeats:

Only that which does not teach, which does not cry out, which does not persuade, which does not condescend, which does not explain, is irresistible.


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  1. MUDD Says:

    Helloooooooooo Rachel!

    I’m catching up on your writings & shares & thoughts. This one is absolutely delicious for my soul. Merci Yeats. Merci ma belle amie.

    Love always and forever,

  2. Rachel Says:

    Hi Mudd – so nice to hear your voice. I finished my book last year that I was writing for three years and after having it reviewed by three published authors have decided to change the format and write it completely as a memoir. So I’ve been offline and into the chapters on this new exploration. It’s so lovely to hear your voice though. You know I’ve had such wonderful FB experiences – I’ve met Marta Szabo who came and did a workshop in NO, and I’m going to her in Woodstock. I’ve met Cheryl Corson via Marta who was here for a conference and is coming back for a Dreamworks conference and staying with me and I’m staying with her in DC. All of these FB and online friends are being peeled out of their one dimension and into three dimensions – it’s wonderful. I can’t wait to see you in person one day. Love, R

  3. MUDD Says:

    Wow… congrats on finishing your book, YAY. And so very happy to know you’re going for the memoir format — can’t wait to read it! You’re busy, as usual, creating your happiness and spreading it to others who love you (moi, moi, moi!). Let’s see if the Universe will bring us together, one day — I’m sure it will because hey… it’s totally meant to be.

    Woodstock with you and Marta — now THERE’S a plan! 😉

    More love…

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