The Universe Provides

My friend, who is a Yoruba priestess, called from California to tell me this one important fact: The universe will close a door that you don’t have the power to close yourself. When this happens, be grateful.

For these doors that have closed, I am grateful for:

Discovering a lover was cheating because it allowed me to walk away.

An email from an ex that proved for the last time that he is truly an ASShole.

A friend’s rude response when I asked to take her out for her birthday lunch, thus eliminating a negative person.

A rude and nutball neighbor who caused me to look and find the Spirit House.

A former lover’s desire to travel to see an ex as we were working on our relationship leading to our breakup.

The end of a long-time friendship over an innocuous comment – eliminating another negative person.

Getting fired by a man I have no respect for, from a business I built, and sitting back to watch him destroy not only its culture but its existence.

Losing all of my hair so that I could let go of the LaLa and with it the dream I clung to for too long.

WOW – I am digging this gratitude. Thanks Universe, you have my back.

To all on this list – #IDFWU.

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