Find me in my garden

I inherited a love of gardening from my grandmother, who passed it down to her daughter, my Aunt Sue, and to me and so wherever I have lived, I’ve planted a garden. It is also a response to my mother who dreamed about planting a garden but often was overwhelmed by the task.

The last two days have given us a fair amount of rain that was badly needed in New Orleans. It’s been unusually dry and cooler than expected for this time of year. And the rain has coaxed out the morning glories that I planted from seeds along the fence, and has made the hydrangea bloom a deeper pink. The tomatoes ripen every day, but I stop to pick then eat them standing there that few make it into the kitchen for salads.

When the world is too much with me, you’ll find me in the garden.









3 Responses to “Find me in my garden”

  1. Mudd Says:

    You even have two little critters making LOVE.
    Now THAT’s what I call a Garden of Eden 😉

    I remember how there were morning glories growing in many of my friends’ yards when I was a kid. Used to love them so much. ALL your flowers are beautiful. What a cool environment for Tin. And Stella. Hope she doesn’t mess with the flora…


  2. Lisa Says:

    I’m adding green thumb to your list of talents… Beautiful space just lovely…. I’m tickled that u caught the lizards doing it.. C u soon

  3. Rachel Says:

    It’s Heidi that eats my sunflowers Mudd – but otherwise it’s been a careful supervision of the critters vs the flora. I love the old fashion flowers too – morning glories. Nostalgia for sure.

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