Paradise redefined

Paradise (Old East Iranian: pairidaeza) is a place in which existence is positive, harmonious and timeless.

Key to any gathering are the who, when and where.

Thanksgiving Day, we were three for three.

Where: Bayou St. John in New Orleans [read: positive]

When: A gorgeous November afternoon [read: timeless]

Who: Free spirits who love good food, great music, poetry and laughter, and wine and each other [read: harmonious]

An Egyptian couple strolled by the festivities, and the man said, “This is a great place!”


4 Responses to “Paradise redefined”

  1. ivette lucía Says:

    Gracias! What a grrrreeeat thanksgiving. besos

  2. Rachel Says:

    Indeed – always good to spend time with you. Besos.

  3. Alice Says:

    Is that you with the pixie haircut? Whoever it is, it looks good. (My hair is finally growing after the chemo! I’m beginning to look more like the me I remembered when I glance into a mirror.)

  4. Rachel Says:

    Yes I cut my hair all off – it was just too high maintenance for a 52 year old mom with her hands in too many things!

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