The ruination of the Croatian coast

Predators from the UK and Germany descended on the Spanish coast and chased out the Spaniards a few decades ago – they built pink stucco condos and basically destroyed the land values and culture of Southern Spain. I heard from someone in New York, they are now descending on Croatia. “Gorgeously unspoiled,” a guy tells me his friend describes Croatia this way and bought a $300K vintage stone house on the Dalmatian coast. “The Germans and Brits buy these houses and flip them,” the guy told me.

My stomach was flip flopping. The natural beauty, the unspoiled coastline, the stone houses. Have they no shame? The one good thing about New Orleans is we probably will never be economically viable enough to attract flippers and investors. We had our moment in the sun when Ann Rice and Linda Ronstadt and others bought old houses here, but most of those have gone now – only our Saint Brad is a stakeholder in our fair city. Absentee landlords are a nuisance.

Croatia – love it or leave it – but don’t buy it and spoil it. Shame, shame, shame.

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