Someone must have a direct line into my life with these horoscopes:



Throughout today, you will feel the impact of past actions very strongly. This could include both pleasant reminders of what you have accomplished, as well as unpleasant reminders of what you haven’t managed to do yet. Be prepared for pangs of sadness to pop up here and there. There is no going back, so do not succumb to any feelings of regret — it is a waste of emotion. These negative reminders are examples of big lessons you have learned. Take a philosophical approach and carry on.

6 Responses to “Uncanny”

  1. cc Says:

    Reading this reminds me of something Inyanla Vanzant wrote about lessons…”There are times when we each have sacred blessings to learn. These are the lessons that will push us to the limits of our greatness. At these times, it may seem others are abandoning, rejecting or criticizing us without just cause. They are not. No matter how hard we try, we can’t seem to do, say or be what others expect of us. We can’t. The harder we try to pull others to us, the farther they move away. The more we try to fix things, the worse they seem to get. What we must do at these very sacred times is pull back, withdraw and prepare to grow. Our lessons are very sacred. They are the basic ingredient of our greatness. To accept them, we must be open. To receive them we must be willing. To understand them we must be alone”.

  2. Rachel Says:

    Well your thought for the day sounds a little more profound than mine but I guess they imply the same thing – it’s like I told someone today about my current situation – “the train has left the station so we can’t now stop and decide what we will do, we can only decide how we will do it.” What I told the other person involved is we don’t have to fuck this up.

  3. cc Says:

    There is an African saying “Ears don’t pass the head”, meaning we should never let what goes into our ears (or eyes) override good common sense. We “should “accept people for who they are based on our individual experiences with them. Too often the other side of the story or eyes that wander -referring to recent experiences – that is not told or seen is the other person’s side. For whatever it is worth, I agree with your stream of thoughts R. We all try to do the right thing and our experiences will shape us.. Obviously have had too much down time this week and Abuterol. Maybe that is a good thing…

  4. Rachel Says:

    Sorry we missed your dancing skills Saturday night – I still have some of your clothes from the last party!

  5. cc Says:

    Those are comfy clothes. Reading several books and found myself taking some advice and making a written affirmation including signature and all (from the book of course).
    – From this moment on , when in comes to money and my relationships, I promise to do what is right rather than what is easy…..

  6. Rachel Says:

    I like that one – perfect. What is right rather than what is easy.

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